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ADVENTURE-Centre Mountain bike-Lexicon

All Mountain (AM)   Refers to Full Suspension Mountain bike, suitable for simple trips on the flat to the most technically challenging Single trails. Most suspension is between 120 – 160 mm and the weight between 10 – 14 kg.
Bashguard/Bashring/Rockring   To be screwed as a protection to the largest of the three chain rings, so that the teeth of the chain ring can not be damaged.
Bikepark   Is an applied terrain especially for mountain bikers, mostly for Downhillers and Free riders. A Bike park consists mostly of different downhill tracks in various difficulty levels and a track with jumps and obstacles.
Bunny Hop   Driving manoeuvre in which one jumps over an obstacle, where you lift both wheels simultaneously.
Cain suck   Chain suck
Chicken way   Describes a way to bypass difficult obstacles.
Cross Country (XC)   „Cross Country“ with the Bike. Mountain bike competition discipline. XC-Bikes are therefore optimized for low weight (usually less than 10 kg) and mostly Hard tail Bikes. The suspension travel is between 80 – 100 mm.
Derailleur   Changes the chain on the sprocket set (cassette) on the rear wheel.
Dirt Jump   This discipline combines BMX and mountain bike. Dirt bikes are stable mountain bikes with small, agile frame. Often without gears. These mountain bikes are designed primarily for jumps over mounds. Possible with tricks. Dirt bikes only have a front suspension with 65 – 100mm.
Disc Brake   Disc brake
Downhill (DH)   Downhill with the Mountain-Bike / is also a Mountain bike competitive discipline. DH-Bikes are almost entirely moved downhill, often in difficult terrain. These bikes must therefore be very robust, and a weight of 18 kg is not uncommon. The suspension travel (full suspension) are at 180 mm and more.
Downshifting   Refers to the change to a smaller / lighter / slower gear for climbs.
Drop/Step Down   So jumps are called, where you jump on a deeper level.
Enduro   These mountain bikes are also fully suspended. Much like an AM bike. However, these bikes are a little more robust and more downhill oriented. The suspension travel ranging of 130 to 180 mm, and the weights 12-16 kg. A special feature represents the frame geometry for an upright seating position.
Freeride   These bikes are intended as downhill bikes for heavy, steep terrain. The full-suspension mountain bikes have suspension travel 150-200 mm, but are much better suited for gradients in contrast to the DH bikes.
Fully   Is the short form of “full suspension” and means a full-suspension bike or a mountain bike, of which the back and the front is fitted with suspension systems. For example with a „Race-Fully“ is meant a very lightweight full suspension XC-Bike. With a „All-Mountain-Fully“ a full suspension AM-Bike,...
GPS   Global Positioning System. Global position determining system. With the use of a GPS receiver, the exact local position is detected. This is done with the help of satellites..
Grip-Shift   Twist shifter.
Hard tail
  So that a mountain bike is called that has no rear suspension, but is equipped with a
suspended front wheel.
MTB   Short name for Mountain bike.
Progressive Suspension   Refers to a characteristic that is flat first and then gets steeper. In relation to the
suspension properties, this means that the fork when small bumps responds well
and hardens more and more at larger fields.
Pump track   Is a specially-created mountain biking trail. The aim is without pedalling and just
by pushing up the body from the deep (pumping), to build up speed on the bike.
A Pump track is a round course and usually made of earth or clay. The
approximately one meter wide trail consists of waves, steep curves and possibly
jumps. You can go in both directions, since it is built on flat terrain.
Single Trail   These are narrow paths which are only explored with the bike one behind the other.
Snakebite   Here is meant a flat tire due to a punch. The wheel is beating so hard on an obstacle
that the hose pops on the rim – the rimedges then make parallel two elongated holes
in the hose.
Trail   This is how mountain bike trails are usually called. Often these pathways are created
artificially. Does this path only goes down (e.g. “downhill route”) then this is called
a “Line”. So trails can also be ridden uphill. Natural paths are mostly hiking paths
and are referred as „single trails“, and are only to ride one behind the other.
Trial   Skill tests on difficult terrain or on man-made obstacle courses. Here it is mainly
important to keep the balance.
Front Derailleur
  Changes the chain between the front chain rings at the crank.
Uphill   Driving uphill on a mountain bike.
Transalp   Crossing the alps, passing through the alps by mountain bike.
Velo   Is the German Swiss expression for bicycle or mountain bike.
VTT   Velo Tout Terrain - is the French abbreviation for mountain bike or MTB
Wallride   Here is meant driving on a slanted wall in bike parks or on downhill lines.
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